New Chuck and Don’s Adoption Center – Bloomington

2015-08-13 11.24.25We are proud to announce that we now have some of our kiddos that will be going out to meet you in the adoption center at the Bloomington Chuck and Don’s, for those of you out in the cities I hope you have a chance to go on out and meet our sweet adoptable furrbabies that will be there meeting lots of new fans and hopefully finding their furrever homes!
Don’t forget we still have our sweet babies waiting to meet you at the Blaine Chuck and Don’s as well…. Come on out and meet them!

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Darby – Partial Adoption fee sponsored!

Partial Adoption fee sponsored!
Our sweet boy Darby has been waiting for his forever home for quite some time. Because of this, we have a wonderful sponsor that is sponsoring part of his adoption fee. He is a lovable big boy and would love to find a home. Check out his petfinder post using the following link.

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Crazy Daisy


Crazy Daisy

Say hello to Daisy and her 14 front toes! (As opposed to the normal 10)

This is called Polydactyl or sometimes a Hemingway cat. More information here.

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Bottle Babies

The Kittens Cradle just rescued 5 kittens that were found in a tire at an auto dealership. They are less than a week old and will require regular bottle feeding. We are grateful to have such dedicated fosters.

Despite a lot of searching their mother was not found. It is always best to have the mother raise the kittens but sometimes that just isn’t possible.

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Just some kittens

Please enjoy these pictures of some soon to be available for adoption kittens.

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Elsa’s Kittens Playing

Elsa’s kittens playing with Da Bird. It’s a little shaky since I was recording with one hand and playing with the other.


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Special Foster Needed!

So poor SWEET Tatum already lost his foster because they felt his issues were more than they could handle at this point…

Tatum1This boy is amazing, is great with other animals, Neutered,  Declawed as well as tested Felv/Fiv negative. He did have fleas which he has been treated for and we believe is most likely the cause of his skin issues… He is going to a very special vet (The AMAZING Dr. Nicole) tomorrow that has lots of experience with skin issues.  She will address what we now believe is a flea allergy and to go on meds to get him all cleared up.
Who wants to help an oh so special boy while he is on his road to recovery?

More information on becoming a Kittens Cradle Foster here.

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Fitz, Gatsby, and Apollo (Opie) Ready for Forever Home

Team Mayhem got neutered on Wednesday, which means they’re ready for adoption.
White paws/chest: Fitz
Black (actually ghost tabby): Gatsby
Brown tabby: Opie (Apollo)

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New Kids on the Block

Everyone welcome our newest kids on the block! We went in to save these 4 little feral kittens from MG Impound that are around 7 weeks old the other day and low and behold we left we a couple more little black and white beebies that are around 5 weeks… Lots of hisses and spits coming from the 2 little ones but the 4 others are coming around quick!

Hahah… Nothing more fun than taming the little wild beasts and helping them find a wonderful home… Please stay tuned for more updates as they learn how to trust and love us big scary humans!

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Maddie, Nala and Struts Need Our Help!


Dental3Okay everyone we are working on ideas to help raise funds to get all these sweethearts their needed dental work, if you have fundraising ideas please shoot us a message.
We are working on setting up a couple volunteer working days at valley fair as well and are looking for anyone that would be willing to do a fun 8 hour shift working a position that very little or no training is required and we are welcome to have some fun together at the fair when our shift is over.

If Valley Fair isn’t your thing and you would like to help monetarily with their much needed dental surgery, you can go here to donate.

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