Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

We wouldn’t be where we are today without our amazing network of volunteers who dedicate time, sweat, tears, and joy to our rescue. It is so true that together we can do so much. Our rescue is 100% volunteer run. If you would like to become a Kitten’s Cradle volunteer, review the options below and then contact us for more information or to apply.


Foster care providers – Offer a foster home for a homeless cat in the Twin Cities, MN metro area until a permanent home can be found. Home foster care is needed for pregnant cats, cats with kittens, orphaned kittens, abandoned, injured, ill and/or elderly cats. Medical care and necessary supplies for each kitty are provided by the rescue. Foster care volunteers play a vital and important role in the ability to save all of The Kitten’s Cradle cats and kittens. Learn more.

General Opportunities

Animal transporters – Volunteer animal transporters bring animals to/from vet appointments, home visits, adoption events on the weekends, special events, transports to their new foster home, etc.

Fundraising/Event Helpers – Helps with setup/tear down of events such as fundraisers, educational events, adoption events, business expos, etc. You would also help to hand out educational materials and educate people on the rescue and try to recruit new volunteers.

Writers: Shelters do a lot of writing. They need adoption profiles for each pet put up for adoption, newsletters must be written and sent, ads for events and fundraisers must be crafted, grant applications must be written, and so on. Your skills as a writer could make all the difference for a shelter’s success.

Social media experts: Social media is a must for getting the word out on adoptable pets. Shelters need to post updates constantly on who is looking for a new home, who was adopted out successfully (everyone loves hearing success stories!), requests for much needed supplies or donations, and other news. Someone skilled with the etiquette and best practices for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other platforms, including skills for writing and scheduling updates, can mean a big uptick in successful adoptions.

Crafty folks: Create homemade toys and bedding using old T-shirts, jeans or blankets. Or sew up “Adopt Me” vests and bandanas for adoptable animals to wear while they’re out for walks or at events. A quick search for “How to make [insert cat bed, cat toys, etc.]” will bring up loads of patterns and ideas.

Photographers: High-quality photos for adoption profiles make an enormous difference in how quickly animals get adopted. Volunteer your skills with a camera to photograph animals, showing off their personality and making them look their best so potential adopters will click on their profile and, with luck, visit to meet and adopt them.

Share adoption profiles on social media: Your Facebook timeline, Twitter stream, Pinterest board, Tumbler page and other social media accounts are all perfect ways to help advertise pets that are in need of a home. Simply sharing the profiles of adoptable animals to your followers takes hardly any time or effort yet could play a part in creating the perfect match for an animal in need of a forever family.

Contact us at to learn more or if you are interested in applying for any of the general volunteer opportunities.