National Adoption Weekend is almost here!

We’re gearing up for the last PetSmart Charities National Adoption Weekend of 2019! Join us Friday, November 8 – Sunday, November 10 from noon-3 daily at the Elk River PetSmart to meet the many cats and kittens looking for their furever homes.

See you there!

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National Adoption Weekend – Sep 13 – Sep 15

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5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Fear FIV in Cats

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FIV Myths and facts… Absolutely Adoptable

Abbott and Costella Looking for their furrever home. Costella as much as we expected her to retest negative FIV she sadly tested positive still… please dont overlook just because of FIV… This brother sister pair love each other dearly and need to stay together, brother Abbott is negative and they CAN safely live together!

Please learn the facts and don’t be afraid!



Should You Adopt FIV Positive Cats? 5 Myths Busted

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Home for the Holidays Continues


Meices is just popping in to remind everyone that the Home for the Holidays promotional 50% discount for all the special PURRFECT adults continues until January 1st 2017 ( you dont need to he a youngster to have fun ya know!).  He says to make sure you know santa knows all about those dreams of sharing your love with a special forever furrbaby and he is chipping is to help you out, you simply cant beat a deal like that!

This gorgeous boy is hoping his very own family will find him in time to not only get a steal of a deal. But, maybe he will even have enough time at home so he can dress himself up in the fancy christmas lights and maybe even a cute little christmas hat like he has seen so many adorable picture of other kitties wearing!

Come on everyone, there are so many amazing adult kitties just waiting to share not only the holidaya but all those other special days with you please don’t overlook them!


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Up next for surgery is our amazing little girl Hope, we have her surgery scheduled for January 9th… But, we have lots more funds to raise for her and will be attending Twin Cities Live Rockstar Row on December 9th to get her campaign as much exposure as possible with hopes that we can scramble enough funds together to give her comfortable vision for the first time in her life.

Hope needs all the help we can offer her so please keep sharing her story!

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Great start to our home for the holidays kitties!

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Skipper came thru his surgery with flying colors, now if we can just keep him calm for the next 3 to 4 weeks and in his cone so his does not damage the delicate area he should live a comfortable life… for now he got lucky and he did not have to have the full PU surgery performed (although there is a small chance he may have to have that at some point) they managed to do a very special modified version of the surgery keeping most of his genitals intact ( leaving a little pink nubbin showing) which also means he is at a much lower risk of having bladder problems later in life.

We pray this is enough to keep him healthy and comfortable without need for further surgeries. 

Be a good boy buddy, stay calm, rest, leave those stitches alone and heal up quickly! Hopefully another 3 to 4 weeks and he will never have to wear a cone again.

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Home for the holidays special

Everyone needs a home for the holidays right?

We have so many amazing adult kitties that wanna snuggle in to their very own furrever home and made a very special wish to Santa.  So, as a special gift to them we are gonna try to help them make thoses wishes come true with a home for the holidays special…. We are offering to cut all adoption fees on cats/kittens over 9 months of age by 50%!!!


Can you help us make some wishes come true???gato-disfrazado-de-santa-claus-67

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Fosters Needed

Our Group will be attending an animal round up on a reservation just across the boarder in Sisseton, ND in Febuary 27th

What is a roundup? Well,  the Indian Tribal police will hold a round up of all stray animals on the reservation on certain days to help control animal populations. The problem with this happening is that on the reservations they are not governed by the same laws as animal controls for states and or counties and what happens is animals are loaded into a trailer and shot if there are not rescues or resources for them to help place these animals.

Thankfully there is an amazing group up there that works very hard to help all these animals in need and pulls together many rescues to take them in.

But we need fosters to help us save and rescue as many animals as possible.

If you have ever considering fostering now is a great time and by clicking on our link of how to help you can find not only and application but all info needed to help make this possible.

Please contact us TODAY


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