What is a wallflower?

  1. a shy person who is too afraid or insecure to involve themselves in social activities
  2. a type of investment that investors are not very interested in because they think it does not have much value:

What so many do not realize is when a wallflower is given the time, attention, and love needed to bloom and grow they are so very beautiful.

A wall may be ordinary and unnoticeable but a flower is associated with beauty and can be rare, you won’t truly learn until you get close.

Under-socialized, traumatized, and misunderstood cats and kittens – those most in need of help – hold a special place in our heart. Often these cats, who we affectionately call Wallflowers, end up in foster care much longer than the more confident, snuggly, cats. That said, we’ve found that once placed in the right environment, Wallflower Cats will flourish.

To bring awareness and highlight this special group of cats looking for their forever homes, we have launched the Wallflower Program.

Who should adopt a Wallflower Cat?

Wallflower Cats make great companions but need a special owner willing to be patient, provide a safe, quiet space, and give extra love. Ideal adopters should understand Wallflowers need time to adjust at their own pace. Don’t insist on holding them or direct contact until they signal they are ready. In time, they will grow to trust you and you’ll experience the most beautiful love and devotion from these sensitive souls.

What type of home is needed for a Wallflower Cat?

The ideal home environment for a Wallflower Cat is quiet, stable, and offers a predictable routine. They will not do well in a home filled with children, especially small ones, a home with a lot of activity, or that is loud. Some Wallflowers may be okay with another calm, non-aggressive feline.

Program Cost

We have secured funds so that program eligible cats and kittens can be adopted for half the typical adoption fee. It is our hope this reduced fee program encourages people to open their hearts and minds to the idea of adopting a Wallflower and gives them a chance for a lifetime of love.

Adopt a Wallflower Cat

Look for the Wallflower Program banner when you view our adoptable animals.

Wallflower Cats will have the Wallflower Program banner across their images in our adoptable animal listings. Participation in the program will also be listed in their profile descriptions. Apply to adopt through the application link listed within the bio of the cat in which you are interested. For more information on the program, contact us at info@thekittenscradle.org.

Sponsor a Wallflower Cat

We know not everyone can offer the perfect environment for a Wallflower but many still would like to help. You can sponsor a Wallflower by making a donation in honor of the Wallflower Program. Funds will be used to offset fees for future Wallflower adoptions.

Consider adopting a Wallflower today!

Give me wallflowers and let me help them grow.
Let me show you just how truly beautiful they are.
Befriend them and you will have the most loyal friend;
you will never know a love more pure.