Meices is just popping in to remind everyone that the Home for the Holidays promotional 50% discount for all the special PURRFECT adults continues until January 1st 2017 ( you dont need to he a youngster to have fun ya know!).  He says to make sure you know santa knows all about those dreams of sharing your love with a special forever furrbaby and he is chipping is to help you out, you simply cant beat a deal like that!

This gorgeous boy is hoping his very own family will find him in time to not only get a steal of a deal. But, maybe he will even have enough time at home so he can dress himself up in the fancy christmas lights and maybe even a cute little christmas hat like he has seen so many adorable picture of other kitties wearing!

Come on everyone, there are so many amazing adult kitties just waiting to share not only the holidaya but all those other special days with you please don’t overlook them!